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Full Support Policy
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1. Introduction

The growing numbers of our valued customers all around Europe and their inquiries bring about the need for a new organization of service support at PromoTron described in this document. We may find on the way that we need to “twist and tweak” the organization from time to time, so please don’t be surprised much when you receive an update. This Full Support Policy is valid from 15th February 2021.

2. Scope

Our service support is intended for helping you with the testing, onboarding,  and initial configuration of our “Services”, their day-to-day use, and potential customization. By subscribing to and using any of our Services you implicitly agree to these terms of our service support.

One day we would love to help you with all additional tasks such as online marketing and advertising, SEO, etc., but we just simply don’t have the capacity now; that is why we will provide support services only in direct relation to our Services.

3. Basics

All communications between you and us regarding service support will be channeled via this Helpdesk Portal, more please kindly find below in section 5.

Also, all service support will be subject to a fee (more on fees in Section 4c), with the following 3 exceptions provided free-of-charge:

  1.    ​​​Trial Assistance (see below in Section 4a);
  2.    Any “Bug-fixing” (see below in Section 4c); and
  3.    Use of the Helpdesk Portal itself or resolving your inquiries directly to the support services.

4. Details

For clarity, we will distinguish four distinct types of support services: “Trial Assistance”, “Onboarding Assistance”,  day-to-day “Support”, and “Customization”. 

a) The Trial Assistance

Unless we agree specifically otherwise, every Trial of a Service will last 14 days from the “Trial Start”, which is the day on which you received your login into the trial version of the Service. The trial does not need to be available for all of our Services - please follow our website.

We want to make sure that during the Trial you discover and ideally fall in love with all features of the Service - that is the main purpose of our Trial Assistance. Trial Assistance consists of an introductory video call (typically 1-hour long, but maximum 2-hour long) roughly in the middle of the Trial; we recommend that prior to the video call you thoroughly click through the Service. You will book the video call using our Reservation System.

In case you will still have questions or doubts regarding the Service towards the end of the Trial, we will help you resolve them in a second video call (maximum 1-hour long), which you can book again through the Reservation System.

Trial Assistance within the above limitations is free of charge. In case that you decide to subscribe to the Service already during the Trial, you may use the so far unused video calls for onboarding in the Service - still free of charge (four onboarding, see Onboarding Assistance below).

Please note that already within the Trail you receive a full (unrestricted) and fully functional version of the Service with all currently available features, so feel free to test it in its entirety. Also, setting up a Service will take some time (and some basic technical knowledge), so please reserve it consciously.

b) The Onboarding Assistance

If you subscribe to a Service upon or after the conclusion of its Trial or after using up the Trial Assistance, and you require our further assistance with setting up or initially configuring the Service, you will use the Onboarding Assistance. We will provide and price the Onboarding Assistance as Support (see section 5c below), unless you opt to purchase a more beneficial prepaid dedicated Onboarding Assistance Package (“OAP”) - for fees see 5c bellow.

OAPs are pre-paid packages of support hours offered at better prices than the Support itself. The typical buyer of an OAP will be less technologically savvy or a busy customer that needs/wants to outsource onboarding of a Service to us. You may purchase the OAPs even repetitively, provided, however, that (i) OAPs can be purchased no later than 2,5 months after the Trial Start and (ii)  all OAPs will be used up no later than 3 months after the Trial Start, otherwise their unused portion will then expire in full. 

After the conclusion/expiration of the Onboarding Assistance (that is, after 3 months after the Trial Start) by which time you should be thoroughly “up and running” with a Service, you will further use our Support.

c) The Support

Should you require our assistance with the day-to-day use or trouble-shooting of a Service, you will use the Support. Support will only take the following regimes (i.e., no other regimes are available):

Regime of Support Basic Standard Premium or Setting Assistance Prepaid Onboarding Assistance Package Bug-fixing
PromoTron “Reaction Time”**, ***    one week    no later than 3 business days no later than 24 hours Standard Support as per the selected regime of Support no later than 24 hours
Hour limit 1 hour/month* none none 2 hours 5 hours of Premium Support or 9 hours of Standard Support none
Time limit, after which unused hours expire 1 month none none every calendar month 3 months after the Trial Start none
Who determines the Regime  PromoTron  you you Set = Standard Support you PromoTron
Fee Free of charge EUR 39,- / hour plus applicable VAT EUR 49,- / hour plus applicable VAT Included in the price of the Business Package of a particular service EUR 199,- / hour plus applicable VAT Free of charge

*    All the support over this limit will be charged by the Standart support rate.

** Reaction time is the time within which PromoTron will initiate (but not necessarily complete) the resolution of a properly ticketed task (for ticketing, please see below Section 5).

*** The Reaction time starts “ticking” from the moment you approve our Support intervention (please refer to Section 5).

You will initiate our Support (only) by inputting an inquiry in the Helpdesk Portal (for the exact process, see Section 5 below)).

d) The Customization or Setting Asistansce

The Customization of a Service involves its modification or personalization requiring individual IT development or work of graphics. No Customization will involve changes or modifications to products other than the Services (esp. third-party products).

There are 2 principal forms of Customizations:

i)    Customization of visual look - a fee from EUR 49,- / hour + applicable VAT;

ii)    Development of additional features - a fee from EUR 49,- / hour + applicable VAT;

Every Customization will be processed as follows:

i)     You will specify the Customization as thoroughly and precisely as possible; you will submit the specification of the Customization to us through the Helpdesk Portal;

ii)    We will scope the Customization and quote you an estimated budget and delivery time;

iii)   You will approve the Customization;

iv)   You will make a pre-payment of (a part of) the budget (for payments for Customizations, see Section 4e below);

v)    After the receipt of the pre-payment we initiate the works; while working on the Customization we may be from time to time in contact with you to resolve potential issues/questions;

vi)   We will let you know by email that we have completed the Customization and display the Customization to you for testing;

vii)  After your successful testing we will officially hand-over the Customization to you; you will accept the Customization; if we don’t make the acceptance within 5 business days, the Customization will be deemed accepted by you.

All communications regarding, and all the above steps involved in, the Customizations will be performed through the Helpdesk Portal. Besides, it may sometimes happen that an Assistance or Support will turn into Customization when we find out that the resolution of your inquiry will require a modification or personalization involving individual IT development or work of graphics; in such a case we will suspend the Assistance or Support and will initiate the above Customization steps.

Just to clarify, any and every Customization performed for any and all of our customers automatically becomes a part of the Service (the works of software) and as such can (but does not need to) be offered for use and used by our other customers.

e) Payments and Invoicing

  1. OAPs. OAPs can only be pre-paid. For the purchase of an OAP, we will issue you an invoice after we receive the pre-payment in full. 
  2. Support. Support is typically post-paid, with certain exceptions described further below. We will invoice you for the Support you used in a particular calendar month by the 10th day of the following month - you may monitor the Support used and Fees accrued in the Helpdesk Portal. You will pay the invoice by the end of the calendar month in which the invoice was issued. 
  3. In case of your (foreseen) intensive use of Support, we may ask you for a pre-payment of (a part of) the future anticipated Fees and postpone the provision of Support until we receive the pre-payment. 
  4. We may also postpone the provision of Support to you in case you are overdue with any Fees payable to us. 
  5. Customizations. Unless agreed otherwise in a written agreement between you and us or unless decided by us more favorably for you: (a) Customizations with a budget above? will be prepaid by you in full and (b) Customizations with budget below? will be prepaid by 50% before we initiate the works, the remaining portion to be paid by you upon the completion of the Customization.
  6. You will receive the invoice from us after the Customization is completed by us and paid in full by you.

5. The Helpdesk Portal

All the communications between you and us regarding service support will be channeled via our Helpdesk Portal (link). You will receive your access credentials to the Helpdesk Portal when you subscribe to a Service (i.e., no Helpdesk Portal during a Trial, there you will use the Reservation System - see section 4a “Trial Assistance” above).

Until further reference, all communications regarding our support services (from you and from us) will be carried out in English. 

In the Helpdesk Portal you will especially:

  1. Find answers to most frequently made inquiries (we will be gradually including them together with instruction videos, short “manuals” etc.); before making any inquiry please first check, whether there is not already an answer to your inquiry available;
  2. Initiate all your inquiries in a structured input form; when making an inquiry, follow the structure of the input-form, pay special attention to the mandatory fields and, please, be as descriptive and detailed as possible, don’t be afraid to include screen-shots, links, short videos; also please try to describe the steps you did that lead to the problem your inquiry is about (i.e., “first I did this, then I did this, then this happened…”);
  3. Communicate about the inquiries with our support staff ...; every inquiry will create a “ticket” with a “ticket number” and so every follow-up communications regarding the inquiry will and should be marked by the ticket number; should you have an additional inquiry, which is related to a previous inquiry, please include/refer to that previous inquiry “ticket number” in your new inquiry;
  4. … including you pre-approving our every Support intervention; after clarifying the inquiry with you (if necessary), we will “scope it” internally (including the time required) and send it to you for approval through the Helpdesk Portal; only your approval “triggers” the counting of our Reaction Time for the inquiry, i.e. the priority, in which your inquiry will start to be resolved by us!;
  5. Monitor / verify the status of resolution of your inquiries;
  6. Monitor / verify the extent of your usage of our Support incl. Fees accrued, pre-paid hour budget spent, etc.;
  7. Request (additional) OAPs (Onboarding Assistance Packages);
  8. Resolve questions you may have regarding the support services themselves.
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