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Onboarding Assistence
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If you subscribe to a Service upon or after the conclusion of its Trial or after using up the Trial Assistance, and you require our further assistance with setting up or initially configuring the Service, you will use the Onboarding Assistance. We will provide and price the Onboarding Assistance as Support unless you opt to purchase a more beneficial prepaid dedicated Onboarding Assistance Package (“OAP”) - for fees see Section Support Pricing.


OAPs are pre-paid packages of support hours offered at better prices than the Support itself. The typical buyer of an OAP will be less technologically savvy or a busy customer that needs/wants to outsource onboarding of a Service to us. You may purchase the OAPs even repetitively, provided, however, that

(i) OAPs can be purchased no later than 2,5 months after the Trial Start and

(ii)  all OAPs will be used up no later than 3 months after the Trial Start, otherwise their unused portion will then expire in full. 

After the conclusion/expiration of the Onboarding Assistance (that is, after 3 months after the Trial Start) by which time you should be thoroughly “up and running” with a Service, you will further use our Support.;

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