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Individual Customizations
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The Customization of a Service involves its modification or personalization requiring individual IT development or work of graphics. No Customization will involve changes or modifications to products other than the Services (esp. third-party products).

There are 2 principal forms of Customizations:

  1. Customization of visual look - a fee from EUR 49,- / hour + applicable VAT;
  2. Development of additional features - a fee from EUR 49,- / hour + applicable VAT;

Every Customization will be processed as follows:

  1. You will specify the Customization as thoroughly and precisely as possible; you will submit the specification of the Customization to us through the Helpdesk Portal;
  2. We will scope the Customization and quote you an estimated budget and delivery time;
  3. You will approve the Customization;
  4. You will make a pre-payment of (a part of) the budget (for payments for Customizations, see Section 4D of the Full Support Policy);
  5. After the receipt of the pre-payment, we initiate the works; while working on the Customization we may be from time to time in contact with you to resolve potential issues/questions;
  6. We will let you know by email that we have completed the Customization and display the Customization to you for testing;
  7. After your successful testing, we will officially hand-over the Customization to you; you will accept the Customization; if we don’t make the acceptance within 5 business days, the Customization will be deemed accepted by you.

All communications regarding, and all the above steps involved in, the Customizations will be performed through the Helpdesk Portal. Besides, it may sometimes happen that an Assistance or Support will turn into Customization when we find out that the resolution of your inquiry will require a modification or personalization involving individual IT development or work of graphics; in such a case we will suspend the Assistance or Support and will initiate the above Customization steps. 


Just to clarify, any and every Customization performed for any and all of our customers automatically become a part of the Service (the works of software) and as such can (but does not need to) be offered for use and used by our other customers.

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